Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the OBR ADV Gear online store offer price protection?

It sucks buying a new piece of gear right before it goes on sale. If you buy something directly from the OBR ADV Gear store and see us selling it for less within 30 days of purchase, contact us and we will make it right.

Does OBR ADV Gear have an affiliate program?

Yes we do! You can sign up here.

OBR uses Heavy Duty Ballistic Nylon as the main material on many products … What is Ballistic Nylon?

Ballistic nylon is a thick synthetic nylon fabric used for a variety of applications. Ballistic nylon was originally developed by the DuPont Corporation for use in military flak jackets. Ballistic nylon offers high tear and abrasion, which makes it well suited for outdoor gear bags and protective clothing.

Why do you use snaps instead of Velcro as the secondary attachment on your fender bags?

Good quality Velcro, when new, provides exceptional sheer resistance. But over time Velcro will start to become contaminated with dirt and debris reducing its ability to hold. The Velcro would also need to be held to the front fender with a type of adhesive which over time can work loose and separate from the fender or leave behind glue residue when attempting to remove.

Our experience with the snaps is that they are easy to install and have proven to be a solid secondary attachment for securing the fender bag.

Are OBR ADV Gear bags waterproof?

OBR ADV Gear bags are fully sewn, which is difficult to make completely waterproof without expensive seam sealing equipment. The materials used have a light polyurethane coating on one side making the material itself waterproof. An extra wide storm cover has also been designed over the zipper (where possible) to help prevent water intrusion through the zipper coils. Most folks pack using small dry bags to ensure full protection from the elements.

Tip – We have found the large sealed bags by Hefty and/or Ziploc to be a cheap alternative to dry bags. They are inexpensive, work well, last multiple trips, and have a flat profile which helps with load placement.

What bikes will OBR ADV Gear bags fit?

OBR ADV Gear motorcycle bags are designed to be as universal as possible. It is our goal to not have any bike specific applications. Our bags will fit almost all Enduro class motorcycles and smaller Adventure Dual Sport motorcycles. Fitment to some of the larger Adventure class motorcycles will depend on the bike as the sub-frames on most Adventure bikes are configured a bit differently. Many of our bags are designed to not require any type of rack supportive system, instead utilizing the bikes side panels as the required supportive surface.      

Will the OBR ADV Gear bags scuff my bikes side panels?

Since many of the OBR ADV Gear bag designs are frameless, there is contact between the bag and the side panels. Dust can collect behind the bags, sometimes slightly discoloring the side panels. We have found that the Mr. Clean "Clean Erase Pads" work really well when cleaning effected areas to remove any discoloration that might have occurred (always test a small area first).


Responsibility lies on the end user to ensure proper installation of any OBR ADV Gear item. Loading a motorcycle with travel gear can have an impact on handling of that motorcycle. Proper installation of gear, gear loading, necessary suspension adjustments, and checking that no loose articles are in such a way to cause interference with any of the operational components of the motorcycle is the responsibility of the end user. OBR ADV Gear is not liable nor responsible for any improperly installed gear or any accidents caused by improperly installed/loaded gear.